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To end my current purgatory by actually finding a place to settle down. A place 
where people aren't scared to go out, live music is back go normal, and I can 
bring my desktop and electronics equipment back out of our tailer. Oh and 
finally fix our vibraphone!

Met with a fellow yesterday, 11/16, because he was offering an RV for rent where
we're currently at in the Snoqualmie Valley. $1250 a month, the listing said. We
get there, it's actually quite nice, all utilities included. But he'd gotten 
another offer: $1400/month. Whatever, we're paying for the location, not the 
structure, and we need a place so we tell him OK, we'll have cash for him so we 
can move in that day.

We just drove here from far away, but he knows the friend of ours we've been 
staying with. We have the money ready to go, and have only heard "I'll let you 
know" meanwhile our friend is being gracious as fuck but we still need to walk 
through his running business to use his bathroom or employee kitchen.

There's a house in Portland we're checking out today, after a job interview. 400
miles roundtrip, for a place we might not get, in a place where getting a job 
will be hard since we're a 3+ drive away until the house is available in 2 

I just want go play a gig and build some circuits. I'm tired. So tired I went 
from plan to rant.