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All the latest Twitter hullabaloo has me feeling nostalgic for shared unix 
systems. Shouldn't we just be micro-blogging and blogging with a more punk 

& can read my plan from my raspberry pi & (if you are reading this) update from
the terminal too. 

Week 44 of 2022. (Sun 6th Nov...)


# Negentropy

but is this not just 'make things better organised' by another name?

# Le Guin's "The Fisherwoman's Daughter"

What a funny, reflectively and insightful essay, on balancing parenting and

[ Hat Tip Lucy Whalley: more discussion & other books: 
https://mobile.twitter.com/lucydotwhalley/status/1588513869764653056 ]
- "Babies eat manuscripts. They really do."
- "That's just the flip side of the theory that books come from the scrotum."
- "I work the way a cow grazes."
- "The one thing a writer has to have is not balls. Nor is it a child-free
... The one thing a writer needs to have is a pen and some paper."
- "but no artist can work well against daily, personal, vengeful resistance. And
that's what many women artists get from the people they love and live with."