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Login: JBanana                          Name: J Banana
Directory: /home/JBanana               Shell: /bin/plan.cat
Last login Tue Jun 27 15:47:38 2023 UTC
No Mail.
Things to do, roughly in order of precedence:

PocketPinball game for PocketCode
	Fix sounds
	Fix Bagatelle goals/scoring/shop
Tinymine game for Thumby
	Level three design
	Gemini renderer
Hashtag crawler for Geminispace
	Get titles for tagged pages (display??)
	Redirection bug
	Is robots.txt checking confused by query strings?
Jemi client for Gemini protocol
	History issue
	Client certs
FTree file manager
	Move between disks??
	Apply answer to all
	Dir duplicate problems
	Missing folder icon issue
etc. etc.

(Oh, and I have a day job)