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Login: dox                              Name: đź’ŽAdventure of dox&trixxs 
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Obtain the hex device and something magical may come your way ~
ToC @ 0x00
0x30: C1:Holochannel Engaged
0x31: Definitions of things
0x32: C2:Lets resume
0x33: Reserved 

0x30: C1: Holochannel engaged

Get down!
^ As a flux disc floats landing at its xy-pos safely
Of course near our two rebel fighters.
And with a commence of ultra sonic beeps, the flux disc glows.

(Did you know moment: Flux Discs beep.
until they reach the age of maturity 
(approx 30minutes of age) and then explode? 
No?, Now you do)

!? What, fluxes? 

You know that this universe was taken hostage
And that we need that hexidecmial device

But dox.. 

Come on stop being so scared.


^staring upwards~ what is that?

   ~.The thing.~
~ Some say it looks like a hexagon
however its really a 3rd party knockoff
Of the `real thing`
Normally operated by inexperienced 
domination leaders in attempt to
take over a planet.

^ **************** ^
/.                 \.
\.                 /.
^ **************** ^

dox: We better keep down. 
TRx: Any idea where we should head?

dox: Your the one with the #
TRx: Holographic navigational map.

Trixxs dives in to their inventory:

--Inventory bag --
Owner: Trixx
Slots: 1/4 FREE

dox, reckon when we get out of here
I can get some more inventory slots?-

--Inventory bag--
Owner: Trixx
Slots: 1/4 FREE

/. 1: 88R beam connector ~ Desc: 
the perfect tool for teleportation
has more lasers than a disco on the sun
not designed for popping balloons

/. 2: crystal rock ~ Desc:
just a rock, nothing special
tend to be carried by rookies
looks pretty, why its carried by rookies
It is still a dull-rock but dont insult its intelligence

/. 3: hexidecmial holographic navigational map
~ Desc:
a map, its holographic and navigational
the always need right now item

/. 4: Slot Free.

Ah, so I do.
 ~ Trixx selects the hexidecmial holographic navigational map
and in a flash of light a map is uncompressed from the hext data of the planet 
while the hexagon object floats; it overlays the worlds design and blue prints.

0x31: Definitions of things
So the story begins when, a cry for help was herd from within the Z-galaxy. 
and each galaxy is named after the letter of the next.

The universe is a dangerous place where in which each universe there are three
hexagons ruling with everything in between.

- the peaceful: As the name describes, no war here
Want peaceful flufflets (creations of floof), solitude, waterfalls and peace? 
this is the place to be.

- the natural: a bit of both. More defensive than offensive however they help 
provide peace to the peaceful and are normally bullied by the aggressive to help
provide defence.

- the aggressive: You know it. Fancy a new hexar? Steal,Loot and Crime. Be 
prepared that someone may also steal your eyes if your caught in the act.

- Sub-planets sit in between but dependent on their gestures 
evaluates the planets status. 

- Species tend to sit between holographic and real. Both have advantages and 

- Holographic channels are used to project their holographix image on to their 
destination. Holographixs do carry damage and that if you are hurt in a 
holographix channel you will end up hurt in your sprite state.

0x32: C2:lets resume

Tx: okay, so we are here. Well i think im here. 

dox: Alright trixx, where is the device located? 
I don't like the fact the flux is starting to glow more fiercely

Tx: so we need to dig underground and locate

dox: Dig? You sure about that? 
Tx: well the device appears to be underground

dox: hmm, maybe its in a tunnel or underground lab.

Tx: and there appears to be lava

dox: Lava?
Then yeah some underground laboratory it must be

TRx: can we warp?

dox: We can not. We've never visited this planet
Until we explore it we are restricted to where
we scoped in to.

(Did you know moment: Scoping is a term used when
Activating a holographic channel to a random position
You can beam to an approximate xy-pos
However your beam may be scattered to somewhere else)

^ Beep.

dox: okay, we need to get out of here 

TRx: and the thing?, that's above us?

dox: hold on, I may have something

--Inventory bag--
Owner: dox
Slots: 3/6 FREE

/. 1: prism ~ Desc:
When used with activated modekts
this device can create very pretty light shows
these light shows can cause dangerous inconveniences
such as wiping large crowds temporary.

/. 2: cloak ~ Desc:
Can be used at magic parties to amuse the kiddlings
however marks your holographix status as invisble 
coincidently allows you to bypass search features of things
and ask it nicely, it can support a second creature

/. 3: flufflet ~ Desc
A digital flufflet squished as a rabbit
Feeling bored?
this flufflet will keep you busy
ensure it follows proper breeding protocols

/. 4: Slot Free.
/. 5: Slot Free.
/. 6: Slot Free.

dox: Alright inventory, use cloak.

^ A hexagon-cylinder digitises and Trixx is bemused

TRx: you have a cloaking device? 

dox: well yeah, 
how else are we suppose to continue
without it?

TRx: Surely the readers will be expecting something less coincidental?

dox: well, thats up to them 
anyway lets get away from here
the flux is going to fluzz and 
We don't want to be here when that happens

TRx: uhh, sure. 
I see now why your ranked.

~ as the cloak device hovers between both
Trixx and dox, the thing above notices nothing
as of a third party knockoff, 
it's sensors are as useful as a streetlamp without a lightbulb
However lets not take chances here.