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Last login Wed Nov 17 09:37:22 2021 UTC
Mail forwarded to gunnar@magnusson.io.
Professionally I'm a mathematician, developer and editor.
Personally I'm a husband, father of two and a dog servant.

I like:

- complex differential geometry
- finite-dimensional linear algebra
- distributed systems
- trying to write linters and syntax-aware tools for LaTeX

I'm also on:

- lobste.rs: gthm

My favorite curvature tensor is the one of a metric on the Kahler cone of a
compact Kahler manifold,

    R(x,y,z,w) = <\Lambda xz, \Lambda yw> - <\Lambda xw, \Lambda yz>,

where x,y,z,w are real (1,1) cohomology, the product of classes is the cup one,
and \Lambda is the adjoint of the Lefschetz operator associated to the point
(that is, Kahler class) we're at.

I calculated that tensor in a preprint that was the culmination of around ten
years of work that started during my PhD. For such a long time I was convinced
that having this kind of an expression for it would lead somewhere. It doesn't,
because we can't say anything intelligent about the cohomology ring of a general
compact Kahler manifold. It mainly serves as a reminder to myself to think about
what we'll be able to do if we can do exactly what we want before we spend a
long time doing it.

It's still pretty though.