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Jiggling seductively
<2022-10-10> Teaching furiously, trying to be less mad.
<2022-10-11> Sad my ex is on holiday. Wishing I was.
<2022-10-14> Blowing students minds :-D
<2022-11-01> Tweaking my colors.
<2022-11-08> Aging ungratiously.
<2022-11-14> Taught my last class for 2022!
<2022-11-15> Asuka the Empress of Tomorrow has friggin awesome style.
<2022-11-16> Tooting at [[jiggly@mastodon.sdf.org]].
<2022-11-18> No longer a TeXnical Director, 'cos if you threaten me I will just
<2022-11-20> Buying a sweet ninja sword.
<2022-11-21> Adding ed to my lecture notes 'cos imma troll.
<2022-11-29> Somewhat depressed today for no readily apparent reason.
<2022-12-01> Pinch punch first of the month!
<2022-12-01> 1↑⊃{⍵[⍒⍵;]}+/¨ ⍝ Advent of Code is fun!
<2022-12-01> Sad my ex is on holiday AGAIN. Wishing I was.
<2022-12-05> Look I *could* not put actual OS source code on slides and simplify
but I'm not gonna...
<2022-12-05> Why am I updating a .plan file with ed?
<2022-12-06> Is it bad that I actually quite like ed/ex?
<2022-12-17> Okay Mastodon’s cool
<2022-12-17> Mince pie time mutha fuckers!
<2022-12-19> Partner back to work, and kids in school?  I have the house to
myself!  <2022-12-21> I feel remarkably down despite having iced a cake.
<2022-12-28> Day at home with the boy!
<2023-01-09> Right... lets get back to it.
<2023-01-29> Taught my first classes of the year!
<2023-01-29> Switching to cattpuccin!
<2023-02-07> Back to OpenBSD because Linux is too painful
<2023-02-07> The exams officers are a bunch of mindless jerks who will be the
first against the wall when the revolution comes.
<2023-02-13> Owowow my hand hurts and I need more happy pills.  Stupid middle
<2023-02-20> Having a day customising OpenBSD and making the colors pretty.
<2023-02-27> Reading week! Time to catch up!
<2023-02-27> My students think I'm cool :-D
<2023-03-06> Finished drawing boobs on Pokemon... now for moustaches and boobs!
<2023-03-10> I've been nominated for a teaching award :-D.  I love my students.
<2023-03-20> Been for a swim which was nice.
<2023-03-28> My ex is pregnant.  I have an OnlyFans account.  Figures.
<2023-03-31> Why is it so hard to set up a creators account on OnlyFans!?
<2023-03-31> Exams office in chaos.  Situation Normal: All Fucked Up.
<2023-04-03> Sigh.
<2023-05-31> Last viva!
<2023-05-31> Whole family dying with stomach flu... at least we'll be super thin
for the weddings at the weekend.
<2023-06-01> Pinch punch first of the month
<2023-06-02> I did not make it to the wedding.
<2023-06-08> I have a new kitten called Nigel! :-D
<2023-06-19> Nigel is very nice.
<2023-06-19> Explaining to my student that packages do contain dependencies and
his claim that they don't is bullshit.
<2023-06-28> Buying as a matter of urgency to get rid of budget codes.
<2023-07-17> Thao Thao and the Get Down Stay Down are the sex.
<2023-08-03> Off to Disneyland tomorrow :-D
<2023-08-15> My hand hurts.
<2023-08-22> That savoury fife! That sweet of your life!
<2023-09-20> Ex had her kid... which makes me a lot more relieved
<2023-12-11> Huh how is it December?