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Society seeks order in anarchy

Tue Apr  9 03:30:12 UTC 2024
So far I am really liking the Sencillo. I think it will definately
replace the CR 2.5 as my everyday fixed blade. Larger yes, but
extremely comfortable to use. Decent sheath from the factory.

Sun Mar 31 15:46:38 UTC 2024
Recently picked up an Esee Sencillo. Will see if this replaces
the Esee CR 2.5 as my EDC fixed blade. So far after a couple
of days I really like it. Sort of like an Izula/Izula II, but
a little bit nicer (better handle, slightly longer blade, etc.).

Sun Mar 24 04:12:15 UTC 2024
A way to check the status of SDF.org


ftp -o - https://www.sdf.org/status | sed -e 's/<[^>]*>//g' | less

Sun Mar 24 00:05:54 UTC 2024
So I think I am pretty much settled into my new place. Things are
basically where I want them to be and this time I decided to set
up my desk and computer and everything in the garage. So far it
is working out nicely.

Wed Mar 20 03:13:13 UTC 2024
Been a little bit. I recently moved and didn't have access to my
computer for the last week or so. But now I do.

Thu Mar  7 05:27:39 UTC 2024
Decided to set the Spyderco K390 Stretch aside for a bit and try out a
different carry. I am going to see how things go carrying a Victorinox
Pioneer and a Esee PR4 for awhile.

Fri Mar  1 18:26:15 UTC 2024
I am sure there are fantastic reasons to write all of my scripts
for POSIX sh even if they are only for my own use. It just seems
like a lot of work.

Thu Feb 29 03:56:27 UTC 2024
Not a whole lot to talk about today. Just kind of worn out mentally.

Sat Feb 24 05:10:50 UTC 2024
Does anyone still use a gopher client with a 67 character limit?

Sat Feb 24 02:38:35 UTC 2024
Sometimes it is fun just to see how many places I can sync my .plan
with. So far I am up to my webpage, gopher and plan.cat.

Thu Feb 22 05:46:23 UTC 2024
I never really knew how many neat things you could do with the finger
protocol. It's pretty neat. I personally have always liked to use it
as my "blog", but knowing you can get the weather and things like that
makes it fun.

Wed Feb 21 04:18:16 UTC 2024
So I don't forget. Saw this today on plan.cat/~mlot

finger ^"city, wa"@graph.no

Mon Feb 19 03:35:38 UTC 2024
This was more of a pain in the ass than I was planning on. Getting it
to work the way I want on my home computer has been worse. On my
home computer there are only a few directories that I want to track.
Mainly the ones where the CVSROOT is on SDF.

_cd() {
	if [[ -e $1/CVS ]]
		\cd "$1" && cvs -qn up
		\cd "$@"
alias cd=_cd

My home version has some case statements to deal with $TERM since
I have some code to deal with window decorations. I don't like that I
have to use wildcards to match directories. It is just ugly.

Mon Feb 19 03:00:46 UTC 2024
Because for some reason I had a hard time finding just a list:

Overall Presidential Greatness Ratings and Rankings 2024

1	Lincoln
3	Washington
4	T Roosevelt
5	Jefferson
6	Truman
7	Obama
8	Eisenhower
9	LB Johnson
10	Kennedy
11	Madison
12	Clinton
13	J Adams
14	Biden
15	Wilson
16	Reagan
17	Grant
18	Monroe
19	GHW Bush
20	JQ Adams
21	Jackson
22	Carter
23	Taft
24	McKinley
25	Polk
26	Cleveland
27	Ford
28	Van Buren
29	Hayes
30	Garfield
31	Harrison
32	GW Bush
33	Arthur
34	Coolidge
35	Nixon
36	Hoover
37	Tyler
38	Taylor
39	Fillmore
40	Harding
41	Harrison
42	Pierce
43	Johnson
44	Buchanan
45	Trump

Sat Feb 17 22:41:10 UTC 2024
I decided I wanted to add some SomaFM stations to my radio script


trap '' INT

select i in	Quit \
		"aNONradio" \
		"Sonic Universe" \
		"Groove Salad Classic" \
		"Secret Agent" \
		"Mission Control"
	case "$i" in
	Quit)	break ;;
		mpg123 http://anonradio.net:8000/anonradio
	"Sonic Universe")
		mpg123 http://ice1.somafm.com/sonicuniverse-256-mp3
	"Groove Salad Classic")
		mpg123 http://ice6.somafm.com/gsclassic-128-mp3
	"Secret Agent")
		mpg123 http://ice6.somafm.com/secretagent-128-mp3
	"Mission Control")
		mpg123 http://ice4.somafm.com/missioncontrol-128-mp3

Sat Feb 17 20:58:40 UTC 2024
How I listen to SDF aNONradio from the terminal


xterm -g 80x16+0+837 \
	-T aNONradio \
	-e mpg123 http://anonradio.net:8000/anonradio

Sat Feb 17 05:49:05 UTC 2024
EDC Update
Leatherman Rebar
Spyderco Stretch 2 K390
Esee CR2.5
Victorinox Farmer X
Casio GW6900
Open Sea Leather Topsider
Bic Lighter
Streamlight Microstream AAA

These are the items that are in my pockets/attached to my belt.

Thu Feb 15 05:19:42 UTC 2024
Testing out another way of syncing my .plan file.

Thu Feb 15 05:06:58 UTC 2024
I think I prefer this way of updating my .plan. I like that I can keep
my SDF .plan synced with my webpage .plan. I am currently using my .plan
as sort of a running stream of thoughts/posts.

Wed Feb 14 06:35:13 UTC 2024
One more test just to make sure it really works.

Wed Feb 14 06:33:31 UTC 2024
Testing out a new script to generate my .plan file.

Wed Feb 14 04:35:09 UTC 2024
I have been interested in messing with my homepage again. I tend to go
through spurts. I figure if I have a webspace, I might as well use it
and place random odds and ends in it. I also have shown interest in cgi
scripts but can't really think of anything useful to do with them.

Sat Feb  3 06:52:30 UTC 2024
Well I think I am over the worst part of being sick.

I also recently acquired 2 older Dell Optiplex 3020's. Intel i3, 8gb RAM.
One has a 500gb hdd and the other has a 500gb ssd. Now I just need to
figure out what I need/want to do with them.

Fri Feb  2 03:31:03 UTC 2024
Holy moly I am sick. I haven't been this sick in a long time. I woke up
this morning and actually wondered if I was dying.

Mon Jan 29 19:19:54 UTC 2024
I recently decided to start fresh and re-install OpenBSD. I have to say,
the OpenBSD installer is nice. It is super simple and partitioning is
not the chore that people seem to make it out to be. It is very
straightforward. As an added bonus, you can encrypt the disk during
the install process instead of having to drop into a shell.

Over the years I have used a few different Linux distros (mainly Slackware),
and while I enjoy Slackware, I cannot see myself using anything other than
a BSD. Even Slackware has started introducing things like PAM, which just
seems incredibly complex. I have no use for it.

Sat Jan 27 06:18:53 UTC 2024
Things are kind of a drag. Looking for a new place to live. It is not
a very enjoyable experience.

Other than that, it is just that time of year where everything feels just
"blah". Rain, go to work in the dark, leave in the dark. Bleh.

Sat Jan 13 20:27:02 UTC 2024
Not much going on. Trying to stay warm. Switched from primarily using a
laptop to using a desktop. That has really been about it.

Sun Dec 24 09:55:57 UTC 2023
So I think what happens is that I get bored. Every so often I have this
urge to make emacs work for me. Currently I use ed and vi (nvi really) and
it works fine for me. What turns me off from emacs is that it feels it needs
to do weird things with tabs and spaces I would rather not use GPL software
if I can avoid it.

Sun Dec  3 19:43:27 UTC 2023
I've carried some sort of Victorinox slip joint for years and years now.
I am thinking of trying out a Case style "traditional" knife. I carried
a peanut style knife about 20 years ago and remember using it all the time.
At some point though I got caught up in having extra "tools" so have mainly
carried the Victorinox's since then.

Wed Nov 29 06:26:33 UTC 2023
I feel like I should give cwm an honest shot. I'm not going to lie though,
fvwm works quite well for me.

Tue Nov 28 05:26:34 UTC 2023
How I use cvs to manage my home directory
I use cvs to manage my home directory. In the past on other systems I have
used RCS, git, and got. Recently I was using got but decided to try to use
as many programs from my current operating system base packages as possible.
So we are back to using cvs.

First, in my ~/.profile I export CVSROOT:

	export CVSROOT

In the top level of my home directory I create the ~/cvs directory and
initialize it:

	mkdir ~/cvs
	cvs init

Next, I will switch to the ~/tmp directory and checkout the CVSROOT directory
and edit a few files:

	cd ~/tmp
	cvs co CVSROOT
	ed cvswrappers
	ed loginfo
	cvs ci -m "cvs repository setup"
	cd ..
	cvs release -d CVSROOT

What I do here is edit cvswrappers to add some filetypes that cvs should
ignore when keyword expansion is concerned. The loginfo file I add the

	DEFAULT	/home/jss/bin/clog

The ~/bin/clog scripts looks like this:


		print "CVSROOT: $CVSROOT";
		print "Changes by:	$(id -un)	$(date -u)";
	cat $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/commitlog >>/home/jss/tmp/cmlog
	cp /home/jss/tmp/cmlog $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/commitlog

Whenever I run a `cvs ci` cvs runs the ~/bin/clog script and appends the
log file with "prettier" output:

	CVSROOT:        /home/jss/cvs
	Changes by:     jss     Tue Nov 28 04:12:56 UTC 2023

	Update of /home/jss/cvs/dotfiles
	In directory erb:/home/jss/src/dotfiles

	Modified Files:
	Log Message:
		Add missing semicolon

That is the initial setup for the repository. Now I will go through and
start "importing" files/directories. For example, if I want to add my
~/src directory to cvs I will do the following:

	cd ~/src
	cvs import -m "Initial import into CVS" src jss start

After I import everything I want to track, I will start checking everything

	mv ~/src ~/src.bak
	cvs co src
	rm -r src.bak

Once I get everything imported and checked out there are only a few
more things that I like to have to make it a smoother experience.
First is my `cvp` script:


	set -A dirlist \
		src/bin \
		src/dotfiles \

	cd ~ || exit 1
	cvs -qn up ${dirlist[@]}

Running `cvp` will let me know if there are files in the listed directories
that need to be committed or added.

I also add two aliases to ~/.kshrc:

	alias cvh='cvs history -c | less'
	alias cvl='less ~/cvs/CVSROOT/commitlog'

That is pretty much the bare bones setup of my cvs repository.

Mon Nov 27 03:05:59 UTC 2023
Warren Zevon said it best, "Send lawyers, guns and money"

Sun Nov 26 06:56:34 UTC 2023
Some EDC items I carry just because I like it. The Cold Steel Recon 1 is one
of those items. It's a little big, but it makes me happy.

Sat Nov 25 02:35:18 UTC 2023
Esee CR2.5
Victorinox Farmer X
Cold Steel Recon 1
Casio GW6900
Open Sea Leather Topsider Wallet
Wazoo Spark
Zippo with butane insert
Wurkkos FC11
Some paracord

Fri Nov 24 21:22:25 UTC 2023
I use xconsole. I keep it visible and use it for fun little things such as
getting the weather.


nc -cTnoverify wttr.in 443 << EOF |
GET /90001?format=%l:+%C+%t HTTP/1.0
Host: wttr.in
User-Agent: curl


grep "90001" >/dev/console

Run it from $PATH or keybind it. Change the zipcode to the appropriate
one for you and it will display something like:

90001: Sunny +60F

in xconsole.

Fri Nov 24 21:14:55 UTC 2023
Some CVS things


set -A dirlist \
	share/doc/notes \
	src/bin \
	src/c \
	src/dotfiles \
	src/html \
	src/ksh \

cd ~ || exit 1
cvs -q -n up ${dirlist[@]}

Save it, name it, run it and it will show any files in the listed
directories that have been added, modified, etc.

Fri Nov 24 03:52:27 UTC 2023
I'm not much of a holiday person. Today was rather uneventful. About the only
thing I did was finish my switch from got back to cvs.

Thu Nov 23 06:56:25 UTC 2023
I have tried a few different revision control systems (git, got, RCS, CVS)
and I keep coming back to CVS. It works. It's...cranky. But it works.

Fri Nov 17 05:08:01 UTC 2023
I've never given C a serious shot. I am currently working through the
2nd edition C book and even though I am only on chapter 1, it has been

Thu Nov 16 03:13:44 UTC 2023
I'm back. Let's try this again.