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So far I've spent a large part of the weekend cloning repos from GitHub to
Sourcehut (srht), created a srht project, uploaded my personal site/gemini
capsule to srht Pages, and installed Golang in order to make the 'hut' CLI
utility. With Github I'd always used their desktop GUI for everything. Now
I've learned how to use git on the command line for the first time. Installing
Golang and playing around with it has me intrigued with possibly learning a new
language. I like srht's minimalist aesthetics, and how they break out each level
of functionality into their own separate instance (e.g., git, build, pages,
man{wiki}, chat, todo, lists, etc).

All in all, I have really enjoyed testing srht! I may have found a serene, open
source, and more private home for my git repositories and hosting.

> "Things do not change; we change." - Henry David Thoreau

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