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This is my daily work.

When I accomplish something, I write a * line that day.

Whenever a bug / missing feature is mentioned during the day and I don't 
fix it, I make a note of it.  Some things get noted many times before 
they get fixed.

Occasionally I go back through the old notes and mark with a + the things
I have since fixed.

= october 16 ======================================================

* bump operator's Go base version
* replace ModelMeshReady operator status with InferenceServicePresent

TrustyAIService CRD not owned by operator

= october 13 ======================================================

filter out synthetic data from KServe explainer payloads
add non-numeric support for KServe payloads

= october 12 ======================================================

figure out ModelMesh and TrustyAI miscommunication in CI
add Event support for the TrustyAI operator

= october 11 ======================================================

+ add InferenceServicePresent status to operator
+ refactor operator status updates

= october 10 ======================================================

* migrate KServe 0.11 test model to sklearn 1.3 in order to work
* model-menagerie repository for serialised ootb models

call trustyai model:explain endpoints with kserve

= october 9 =======================================================

* moved Python trustyai to Trusted Providers publishing

+ operator's ModelMeshReady condition not updating

http/2 issue with payload consumer

= october 8 =======================================================

+ k8s controller does not react to events from an InferenceService

investigating debug frameworks for k8s operators
operator event for service creation