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Login: sbranch                          Name: Simon Branch
Directory: /home/sbranch               Shell: /bin/plan.cat
Last login Sun Nov 27 04:00:29 2022 UTC
Mail forwarded to simonmbranch@gmail.com.
Website is pending a rewrite.  Would like to convert the whole thing to
a dynamic web server running a concatenative language.  Goal is to make
very rich pages by marking things up studiously, and give the viewer a
REPL so they can interact with the site in the same language.

Subversion experiment was ultimately a failure.  Have switched to git
and am running cgit.  May be able to write a custom git frontend and
integrate it with the rest of the website.

Would like to get in on the fediverse action.  Will self-host an
alternate implementation probably; make some custom bots and generally
read more than I write.

Learning morse code from lcwo.net.  Reading Emma.